CSA 2021

This year our community supported agriculture veggie box will look a bit different.

We will be doing a "more traditional" veggie box program where we will selecting the veggies that will be in boxes weekly.

Changing every week with the seasonality of veggies coming from the fields.

While I liked the flexible CSA in its ability for customers to choose exactly what they wanted.

I found it at this moment of the farm too much time spent doing administrative work and not reliable enough for sales week to week.

So this season I will be taking a bit of both ideas.

Doing a weekly box program for $20 a week , and also offering flexible choice add-ons every week to individuals boxes. (medicinal herbs, flowers,eggs)

In mentioning all of this and the importance of the CSA model to our and many small farms success.

There has to be acknowledgement and gratitude to those who came before and helped to tend these inventions into fruition.

While the Community supported Agriculture model is often attributed to European and Japanese farmers and making its way to North America.

The idea takes principle concepts from Booker T Whatley and his direct marketing concept of clientele memberships clubs. Dr. Whatley was an amazing agronomist and farmer who Tuskegee University.

His advocating for his fellow black farmers to direct selling and using regenerative farming techniques in the 60's became the foundation for the modern regenerative agricultural movement.

A movement which often forgets to acknowledge those whose knowledge and innovation we use and benefit from and don't support their space and success enough within the small farming community.

As a settler on turtle island it is extremely important to share a portion of my food harvested and profit made upon this farm with qu'wutsun peoples and Hul’q’umi’num tribes.

This year will be offering two csa boxes to qu'wutsun families and donating any extra food to their many food programs and initiatives.

So by supporting our CSA , know you are supporting and building stronger connections within our communities.

Here's hoping we can continue to find more ways of exchange that help us all to grow .

wishing you a gentle and powerful transition from this wintery month into spring .

looking forward to growing food for many of you this season.


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